Time to downsize?st kilda rd apt 2

Many clients turn to Balance by Design to support them throughout the challenging task of downsizing to smaller premises.

Our aim is for you to downsize with style, ensuring the transition to your new premises happens with ease and elegance. Balance by Design helps you sort existing furniture and select new items for a professional designer look.

Downsizing services include

  • Understanding your current furniture and accessories
  • Reviewing the plan of your new premises
  • Advice on the placement of current furniture for best effect – and recommendations of furniture to leave behind or sell.
  • Suggestions for new items to fit in with those you already own
  • Arrange for professional refurbishment of existing furniture – including antiques
  • Placement of furniture, rugs, accessories in your new premises to maximise space , flow and looks

Take the worry out of downsizing.

Geoffrey facilitates this major transition with impeccable professional skill and sensitivity.

Download our Downsizing brochure, here, for more helpful information.



Geoffrey's architectural background really made a difference when we were downsizing from a large family home. He has brilliant spatial awareness that meant he could work straight off the plan and easily identify what we could keep and what we would need to purchase.

He was patient and thorough, systematically working through each room with us as we made decisions with great ease, about what furniture items could stay, what antiques could be sold and what needed to be thrown away, what needed to be reupholstered, what soft furnishings would suit the new place etc. All the pressure we were feeling at the time just went away. He also contacted the builders on our behalf and negotiated changes to the design to ensure the new space was a perfect fit for our needs and our new lifestyle.

Geoffrey's style was truly collaborative, perceptive and compassionate, such that we felt extraordinary joy when it all come together so brilliantly. - Jan Hindhaugh, South Yarra