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Space saving tips

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We’re regularly asked how to maximise the space and flow of a room, house or office!

Many space issues are the result of poorly placed furniture. Many clients advise they’ve tried a number of options, but cannot seem to get the layout “right”.

Here’s a few of our tips to help get you started:

  • When moving your furniture around, try something different. Don’t worry about minor items such as power points, they can easily be moved.
  • Sometimes replacing one or two items [side table, or even a rug] can make all the difference.
  • It’s often hard to take an objective look at your own layout. That’s where we come in. As experienced interior designers, we’re often able to provide space saving solutions with simple furniture movements, replacements or plans.

Experienced, third party experts can help maximise your space, improve flow and give your property that ” professional designer look.

Unsure how to begin working on an implementing your new layout? Give us a call today!

admin-melbournetSpace saving tips