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In each edition of “Connections” we’ll profile a trusted professional who we can recommend because of their ongoing excellent service.This month, we introduce Julie from Buyers Home Base to you.

Balance by Design  is proud to be a member of BNI, the largest business networking organisation in the world. Each week, BNI members meet to share business ideas and pass business to their members. This month, we introduce Julie from Buyers Home Base to you:

In Julie’s 10 years of selling homes, she has seen hundreds of buyers needlessly loose thousands of dollars. Upon researching this concerning issue, she found there was nobody there to assist, educate or take care of first home buyers.

This discovery led Julie to create Buyers Home Base. As Ambassador with Beyond Blue, a published author, wife, mother and loving grandmother. Establishing First Home Buyers was a dream come true for Julie DeBondt-Barker. Helping everyday Australian’s buy with confidence at the very best price is Julie’s passion.

Victoria’s first affordable Buyers Advocate.
When buying a home, many people, with minimal negotiation skills or training, believe they can successfully negotiate against an expert real estate agent. With our professional negotiation skills and experience, we level the playing field, saving you time, heartache and money.

In November 2014, Julie helped  7 buyers, $25,285.71 on average, through our professional negotiation skills.

Find out more on Julie’s service – visit her website. We suggest you watch her brief introduction video on the home page for a complete overview.

admin-melbournetSpotlight on….